1973 MV Agusta 750S


1974 MV Agusta 750 S.This bike was imported from Germany 2 years ago.Unrestored with original paint and seat .Very good riding machine,starts when you think about hitting the button.I had it just shy of 110 mph yesterday (june 3rd) with minimal effort.The sound and feeling of riding or seeing this bike is everything and more than the legend,Just ask any 4 cylinder MV owner or enthusiast who has seen or heard one of these rare beasts.The handlebar switches are not original,they are Z1 items.The front fender is the original style but repainted.The master cylinder is a later Brembo item.Here it is and it is and worth every penny.1974 is the best year for the 750S in regards to performance,it was fitted with a sportier camshaft,10;1 pistons,bigger inlet valves and the 27mm square slide Dellortos.I am not sure ,but I believe about 230 were produced in total for 1974.This was the last year that MV won the 500 worldchampionship.These bikes were outrageously expensive when new at about $4900 US! At the same time a new 900 Kawasaki was about $2200 which they tell me was a lot of money then! The truth is that you cannot put a price on what this bike represents and how rewarding it is to behold.Quite probably the highest expression of the motorcycle as art.These machines were built with no regard to expense or modern corporate business thinking.They were handbuilt by craftsmen in the factory from the most succesful motorcycling racing manufacturer of the postwar era. The passion and heart that pumps within this machine is indescribable.Experience it for yourself,you will have no regrets. Please contact Michael Kiernan at 314 772 5758 with any and all questions regarding this bike ,its purchase ,insured global shipping and to make an appointment to inspect.

Please call Michael Kiernan at (314)772-5758

All inspections are welcome. Please call Michael Kiernan at 314 772 5758 with any questions regarding this vehicle, shipping and storage. Or e-mail Sales@MichaelsMotorcycles.com